Beige Indian Rug  Moroccan Design Hand-Knotted Size 6'1"x 8'7"

Beige Indian Rug Moroccan Design Hand-Knotted Size 6'1"x 8'7"

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A Beautiful Indo Moroccan Design Hand-Knotted is Suitable in any area of your home or office which will match with any Design.

India has had its own rug production for several centuries. Rug weavers from Persia were brought to India and made the first Indian carpets there. Nowadays there is a large production of hand-knotted carpets in India, which is inferior in quality to that of Iran, but more affordable.

Often patterns of Persian Origin are copied. Indian cashmere carpets, for example, which are knotted from high-quality natural silk and are at the same time much more affordable than Persian silk carpets, are enjoying growing popularity. Some Chinese and Moroccan Design, can also be found in Indian knotting. For example, the Indian Gabbeh is based on the design of the well-known Gabbeh- Rugs from Iran. Even if the carpet production in India has flattened out again in the meantime, Agra or Amritsar are still well-known places for carpet knotting in the north of the country.